a company which supports Filipino
workers and their families to have BETTER FUTURE

MPL International Corporation is a global recruiting company based in the Philippines specializing in the career placement of competent Filipino professionals and workers to overseas.

Since 1979, MPL has consistently maintained impeccable ethical standards of practices. Through the years, MPL International Corporation takes pride in the high degree of satisfaction and high quality of performance that our professionals, technincians, and craftsmen, have provided our clientele in different jobsites all over the world. Over the past 25 years, MPL International Corporation has made its mark: from the petroleum and steel complexes and housing and commercial complexes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to aircraft operations in Diego Garcia, from the constructions sites in Iraq to the mines in Indonesia, from the hospitals in New York and New Jersey to the telecommunications stations in Trinidad and Tobago, and from the military facilities in Saipan to the offshore oil rigs in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from giant machines for the Great Man-Made River Project in Libya with 4,700,000 cubic meters water reservoir to water disposal, roads construction, gas plan, hospital and power plan in Libya, from Road construction projects in Palau, LSA, and IDA and to telecommunication projects in KSA and other numerous projects such in Nigeria, Qatar, KSA, and etc.

Our decisive edge lies in our experience in manpower sourcing and management. Highly qualified professionals who have worked as a team over the past years man our offices. Moreover, providing a solid underpinning to MPL Internationalís organization are our foreign directorís consultants whose experiences in manpower management and in the operation of large scale construction as well as operations and maintenance projects, strengthens the breadth and depth of our professional services.

MPL International Corporation tries its best to find the best jobs for the Filipino workers and find the best candidates for the clientele.

MPL International Corporation helps you to be a part of the World's Improver.